MCG 2013 Update 18#

Well, as some may say…. To War!!!

To War!


MCG 2013 Update 17#

I just created a chest- mainly because my inventory should be empty before I get mauled by zombies.

I made a chest!

MCG 2013 Update 16#

Hey, so I was thinking that maybe the base needs an upgrade. Comment in the post below to tell me what I should do to it! If there aren’t any suggestions that I find absolutely outrageous, I’ll just figure something out myself. But that wouldn’t be as fun now would it 😦

Side 1


Side 2

MCG 2013 Update 14#

Also, I began and finished hollowing out my home and creating a wall for maximum protection. Also, along with it I created another door so that I have two exits to my base. Good Job self! Now, I should maybe find a good spot to mine…

Creating a Wall


The Wall is almost done


The Final Door!


The Door