Update 55#

Now that I’ve partially destroyed half the trees in this forest, I’m going to start building.


Update 50#

Hey guys! I’ve finally decided I’m actually going to keep this site alive! I’ve gotten so many email about how you all miss my website and I’m opening my Minecraft Adventures Back to the website!!! Let’s get started with a brand new Survival world!

Update 49#-New NEW NEWER Beginnings

Okay, so get this- Minecraft decided to dump all of its memory down the drain… So, I have a compromise. I’m going to have 3 separate worlds to play on- a creative one, a survival one, and a hardcore one. Also, big news! The first annual Minecraft contest at G’s Blog is under way! The prize is a super big award- your very own server. For Free! That’s right! All you have to do is tell all your friends to comment and follow G’s Blog for a chance to win!!! ITS THAT EASY!!!!!!! So, go tell your friends this exactly!!

“Dude, I’m in a contest and I need you to help. Go to http://www.grantomania.wordpress.com and comment on Update 49#. Say that I sent you!!”