Just a quick update!

Hey guys, G here!


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’m not even sure if anyone will read this, that’s how long it’s been. Well, I just wanted to apologize for not posting during the summer like I promised. I’ve been really busy with school and such. This site’s been up since (I’m taking a blind guess) I was in 5th Grade, just as an experiment. I’m in High School now, and I hate to say but I’m having a lot of my time taken up by school. I’m in my school’s marching band, and I’m also juggling martial arts and homework. So, essentially, I just wanted to say sorry to those people who wished this site kept going. I’ll try to post often, but I can’t garuntee anything.






MCG 2013 Update 11# Also Upload 100!

Now, to kill these cows >:D

Cows goin' bye bye!

Thanks guys for all the encouragement and feedback! We made it! UPDATE 100! My private *Whitelisted* Server IP will be in the page on the home screen of the site.

You guys really are awesome. See you all later, TheMCG 🙂

MCG 2013 Update 1#

Well, this is actually very convenient. I have some trees in a forest to begin with, and a hilly taiga biome that I could build shelter inside of. Hopefully this will work.

The New World!



Also guys, this is my 90th post ever! Thanks again for all the feedback and hopefully we will be at 100 soon!

At post 100, I will be releasing the IP of MY SERVER! Not QuartzCraft, but my own server! It’s not 24/7 though, so enjoy it anyways! 😀

Thanks Guys!

Hey guys, it’s me! I haven’t been posting for quite a while now, and I’ve been getting emails from you showing how much you love the site and want to see more and more MC Adventures. I just want to say thanks to all of you that encouraged me to keep this blog going and playing games. Thanks so much, guys. I will make a comeback soon.

The blog lives! -G

I’m Still (Still) Alive!

Hi guys! It’s me, Grant. I haven’t been posting lately due to the fact that I have been moving boxes and boxes into my new home. I’m finally set in here, and I’m ready to begin Minecraft posts again. Hooray!